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The 6th day housetraining dog

How to housebreak your dog

How to housebreak your dog? To know the answer of this question, we before mention the 1st day, 2nd day, 3rd day, 4th day and 5th day of housetraining dog in previous articles, and now we will discuss the 6th day housetraining dog.

Lessons of day six of housetraining dog

  • The routine is getting ingrained in your system and your dog’s too.
  • You will learn that patience is the only shortcut to housetraining dog process—punishing doesn’t help.
  • Your dog will know that there is an outside where it’s always ‘potty time’.
  • Your dog will learn that inside is for family time, playing and for rest.
  • Your dog will learn that lots of good things like walks, play time, praises and hugs happen after ‘potty time’.

The 6th day housetraining dog.

You need to get up early and take your dog straight to the potty spot. Day six will be much easier for both you and your dog because both of you are now used to the routine. If you know exactly what you need to do without looking at the schedule, you can rest assured that your dog is feeling the same way too. In fact as you take him to the potty spot, he’s probably getting eager to set off for the morning walk!

1-Repeat the pattern

The first step to How to housebreak your dog is repeating the pattern. Once you bring the dog from the potty spot, give him a drink of water and reach out for the leash and collar. See if he runs to your side all excited. That’s good but you need to have some discipline, so if he is running about, command him to stay and once he does so, call him to you.

How to housebreak your dog - The 6th day housetraining dog

Command him to sit before you slip on the leash and then head out the door with you leading and the dog following at your heels. Always lead the dog and do not become one of those owners who are being pulled in all directions by their dog and literally being taken for a walk rather than walking the dog!

You might wonder how this repeating of the schedule day in and day out will help the dog get housetrained. The repetition of the schedule helps because it sets a predictable pattern for the dog in which there are no surprises. The dog slowly gets inured into the routine and it becomes second nature to him.

While instinct tells the dog that he has got to go, repeated routine and training will train him to move ‘outside’ and do the ‘potty time’ away from the carpet and stairs and other corners of the house.

The fixed times for the meals will help the dog establish fixed times for elimination. If you keave the water and the food bowl down 24 hours and allowed the dog to drink water and eat whenever he liked, you would never be able to tell when your dog has to go to answer the call of nature.

With fixed timings and allowing him 15-20 minutes to clean up his plate, you know that you need to take him 10 minutes later to the potty spot and again, 20 minutes later for a bowel movement. By fixing the timings of the meals, it is so much easier to set a time for trips to the elimination area—it’s also easier for the dog to understand that after food he needs to go outside for ‘potty time’.

Repetition is the key to training of all kinds—remember practice makes perfect. Think about it, does anybody have to tell us how to drive? We just got into the habit with routine practice and now our feet and hands know exactly what to do even though we might be thinking of something else. Don’t think it is boring for your dog—it’s a structure he needs to get used to in order to adjust to life with humans.

2-Breakfast and crate time

The 2nd step to How to housebreak your dog is providing him with the breakfast and crate. It’s time for breakfast and once you come back in, take of the leash and collar. Let him sit with his toys in the crate or outside it. Command him to sit and set down the breakfast before him.

Let the dog drink water and take him to the elimination spot after 10 minutes & again in 30 minutes. Once he is all done, you can leave him in his crate. It’s a way for him to catch his breath after the walk and breakfast and it’s a way for you to get your chores done too.

By the time you are done attending to your work, your dog would be ready for his regular brushing. Take him out to the elimination area and then bring him back. Just make brushing a 10 to 15 minute deal where you can spruce up your dog and check on his skin and coat, but do it everyday.

How to housebreak your dog - The 6th day housetraining dog

Food allergies always show as irritations on his coat. Similarly you can tell if a dog is well hydrated from the skin. If you pull up his skin and it snaps right back into place like elastic, the dog is well hydrated. However, if the skin stays pinched up, it could be that your dog is dehydrated.

Now that the brushing is over, hug and play a while with him. Once you feel he is ready for a training session, take your dog out to the elimination spot. Always begin the training after the dog has eliminated and before his meals— never train on a full bladder and a full stomach.

Practice all the commands and have fun. After training, take him to the potty spot, and let him be near you as you get yours as well as his meal ready. Call your dog at 11.30 am and sit him down before you give him his midmorning meal. Once he eats—be sure to take him out after 10 minutes and then again after 30 minutes for a bowel movement. Once he has done his job, crate him for a nice afternoon snooze.

3-After the nap

The 3rd step to How to housebreak your dog is taking the dog to the elimination spot right after he wakes and remember to squeeze in the reward walk. After the walk and after you have taken him again to the potty spot, you can allow him a free run of the house—but only under your supervision.

The deal is that until the dog is absolutely potty trained, you cannot give him the free run of the house. Even during the supervised sessions, when you allow the dog to walk around the house, you must make sure that he’s been to the elimination spot already.

How to housebreak your dog - The 6th day housetraining dog

During the time you are giving him the ‘supervised freerun’, practice the command like stay and come. Training doesn’t have to be a rigid and structured drill—it can be fun and part of everyday activities. Unless you are training for the show ring, training must be fun, and not really tightly structured.

Obedience training should be something that your dog can understand as being essential to pleasing the alpha. But in the midst of having fun, do not overlook the fact that you need to take your dog out every hour.

4-Evening Drill

The 4th step to How to housebreak your dog is achieving the evening drill. By the time it is time for the evening meal, make sure that your dog has had enough exercise. You must make every effort to channel his energy. This will help in the bowel movement as well as get him tired enough to sleep all night.

How to housebreak your dog - The 6th day housetraining dog

Sit your dog down and serve him the 5.30 pm meal. Let him drink water because water stops after 6.00pm. Take your dog to the potty spot and make sure he eliminates his bladder as well as his bowels. It’s important that he gets the big job done or both you and the dog would be uncomfortable.

What to do when your dog does not evacuate his bowels ?

The only thing you can do is hang out in the elimination spot a bit longer. If you have done so already, you can bring him in and crate him for a while—because he will definitely not poop where he sleeps. You can crate him and take him out 15 to 20 minutes later.

Do not leave him out of the crate if he hasn’t done the poop job at the time that he usually does. If however, you have changed the food or given him less water or he hasn’t got the exercise he needs, your dog could be constipated and needs more time.

5-Dealing with undesirable potty behavior

The 5th step to How to housebreak your dog is dealing with undesirable potty behavior. Sometimes dogs just don’t do what you want them to and you might be at a total loss as to what to do next. Don’t despair—the aim of the housetraining dog process is two-fold:

  • It aims at preventing your pup from making mistakes.
  • It aims at establishing a routine that will slowly get ingrained in the dog’s system.

Nowhere does it say that you have to force your dog to do your bidding. In fact you can’t. All you can do is prevent the undesirable potty behavior from happening and keep up the routine until the dog instinctively follows it.

How to housebreak your dog - The 6th day housetraining dog

No amount of rubbing his nose in the carpet or beating his behind with a rolled up newspaper is going to help. It will only make the dog resent you, fear you, or both. This would result in the dog becoming defensive and not obeying you at all. Punishments backfire—so do not opt for it.

Instead, all you need to do is prevent the undesirable behavior by:

  • Not letting your dog run around the house unsupervised until he or she is housetrained. This will help to prevent the puddles in the corners and the pooped carpets as well as the chewed up slippers. You must understand the accidents are setbacks to the housetraining dog process because the accident sites are like magnets and make a dog repeat the actions there again. So no running around until the dog is trained.
  • Making sure that you keep the dog’s crate and his designated space in an area that has a tiled or linoleum floor, which can be easily cleaned—as in the kitchen.
  • Ensuring that the elimination spot is reachable and adjacent to the dog’s designated area.
  • Praising the desirable behavior of your dog because that makes him understand that this is the behavior that he would repeat to get the praise again.

The reason you can only teach your dog by establishing a routine to repeat again and again is because dogs really have no sense of what is desirable and what is not desirable so repeating an established routine is the best way to how to housebreak your dog.

They can only be trained to learn what you like and what you don’t like—which is why you have to make a schedule according to your needs and route your dog around it. You have to choose a potty spot that is easy and convenient to reach and you have to take all the possible steps to see that your dog is set to succeed rather than end up with accidents in the house.

6-Back to the routine

The 6th step to How to housebreak your dog is getting back to the routine. Whatever it is, you are the key factor that can elicit the desirable behavior from the dog. The housetraining dog process assumes that you have the time and the commitment to train your dog and that most importantly—you are actually around.

You cannot just write a schedule and expect the dog to follow it and then send him to the pound for not being able to become housetrained! The housetraining dog process necessarily assumes that the main caregiver is at home—at least for the first two weeks.

How to housebreak your dog - The 6th day housetraining dog

Anyway, we left your dog trying to clear his bowels after his 5.30 meals. It’s strange but it’s almost a reflex with dogs that they need to go potty right after they drink and eat. It’s nature’s way of keeping their little systems running—so that makes it easier for us humans—schedule the food and follow it up with a trip to the potty spot. Once your dog has eliminated, bring him to the family room as a treat. This is a reward that might make him evacuate his bowels faster also. Have fun with him as a family and then take him out for a walk at 8.00 pm.

The 8.00 pm walk will help your dog to get some more exercise to tire him out as well as bond with the family. As the dog grows older and the immunizations are complete you can take your dog on longer walks, make it more brisk and you can also venture to other areas outside the yard and the neighborhood.

When dogs are very small and yet to have their complete set of vaccines, public parks are off limits because of the infections that they might catch. Once you are back from the walk, sit your dog for the 9.30 snack and hold on to the water.

Make the last few trips to the potty spot and tuck your dog in for the night. Set the alarm for when you want to take your dog out next—slowly your dog will develop control over his bladder for the whole night but if he is small, he needs some help from you.

You must know that establishing a routine and repeat trying to achieve it is the best way to how to housebreak your dog.

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