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Dog Breeding for Beginners

How to Breed Dogs ? To answer this question, you must know some terms that you will read in this article of a dog breeding. Some terms may already be common to you, but these definitions and terms that will aid any beginner better realize the full process.

  • Bitch = This term means a female dog that is used in the breeding process.
  • Dam = This term is given to the dog mother.
  • Stud = The stud is the male dog that is used in the breeding process.
  • Sire = This term is given to the dog father.
  • Litter = This term is given to a group of puppies that are born from the same gestation.
  • Heat cycle = This is the active time of a bitch’s reproductive cycle. It’s recognized by a discharge of blood, releasing of eggs for fertilization and a female dog has active willingness to breed.
  • Line breeding = This term indicates to a planned and decided breeding between members of the same family used to keep and get desired qualities in the offspring and next generation. This process contains breedings between uncle/niece, aunt/nephew, grandparent/ grandchild, half-brother/half-sister and relatives breedings.
  • Inbreeding = This term indicates to the breedings between very closely related dogs. This procedure includes father/daughter, full-brother/full-sister, and mother/son. These breedings are typically unfavorable and may create inherent flaws in the puppies.
  • Outcrossing = A breeding process between two dogs are non-related.
  • Tie = This term is given to describe the sexual intercourse through breeding dogs.

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How to Breed Dogs 

The answer of question ” How to Breed Dogs ” through steps and methods that include:

(A) Dog Breeding Methods

The first step to answer the question ” how to breed dogs ” is choosing the dog breeding method.

How to breed dogs - Dog breeding steps

1- The Natural Dog Breeding Method

Natural breeding occurs between the stud(male dog) and the bitch(female dog) with small or no human intervention. The stud mounts the bitch from behind and starts mating her. The sperms mainly transport through the period of the “tie”. The sperm will take a journey to deeper traveling until reach to the ovum for making the fertilization.

Once a sperm fertilizes an ovum, no another sperm can fertilize and penetrate it again.The fertilized eggs then implant themselves on the uterine wall, where they will keep to progress and develop until the time of delivery.

2- Artificial Insemination For Dog Breeding

Artificial breeding may be used when a natural breeding method is undesirable or impossible. A veterinarian gathers sperm from a male dog and utilizes a syringe equipped with a catheter to transform the sperm to the female dog’s uterus. The catheter is passed into the vulva with taking care to bypass the bladder. Then the veterinarian expels the sperm slowly, and the bitch should be kept calm for about 60 minutes to aid assure the sperm reach their ( fertilization place) destination. If the procedure is done well, fertilization will occur and a fertilized egg will develop. The gestation period continues 63 days, may take or give a few days.

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(B) Selecting Which of Your Pet Dogs to Breed

The second step to answer the question ” how to breed dogs ” is selecting which of your pet dogs to breed.

How to breed dogs - Dog breeding steps

1- Choose your dog.

You require selecting which of your pet dogs you will go to breed. You want to select a good dam, that is a qualified female dog for having puppies. You also want a stud to breed with a dam. You require being sure they have the desired characteristics.

If you don’t have a stud, you can also get one from a different breeder. Purchasing semen or hiring a stud costs money. occasionally, the arrangement permits the sire owner to choose the litter. Be sure that there is a contract between all parties engaged with the litter so all agreements should be written and signed.

2- Determine and examine their genetics.

You should check and determine the dogs’ genetic backgrounds. You should examine the dog’s bloodline to be sure they have perfect genetic qualities in their bloodline. From the American Kennel Club or other registering authority, you can get genuine dogs bloodlines. You must be sure that the male dog and female dog are not related directly to avoid genetic flaws of inbreeding.

You should perform the test for dogs which share in the breeding process, this test is for genetic problems related to their breed. (OFA)The Orthopedic Foundation of America makes a database of dogs and their test results for genetic defaults like eye conditions, elbow and hip dysplasia, heart problems, and patellar luxation. You do not need to breed dogs with health problems that can be crossed on to the next offspring and generation.

3- Observe their behavior.

You should examine the behavior of the dogs you want to breed by watching them. This observation should be with each other and other dogs. Breeding well balanced, friendly, and nice dogs will enlarge the chances of the puppies having similar behavior and attitude. We should not breed the overly fearful, and aggressive dogs. Because they are dangerous.

4- Check the dog’s ages.

Be sure that your dogs have a breeding age. Most dogs must be to around 2 years old for dog breeding process. Because Most of the genetic problems will appear by 24 months of age. To make dog breeding successfully, your dogs will require constant identification in the form of a tattoo or a microchip to be capable for submitting testing data for estimation by the OFA (The Orthopedic Foundation of America) and other entities. These entities need to be sure there is no way to distort the results.

Be sure the dams start estrus cycles or their heats, between 6 and 9 months of the age. They enter heat every 5-11 months after their first cycle. Most breeders should not breed a dam until she is 2 years old and has 3 or 4 previous cycles. This to be sure your dam is fully mature and also physically fit to bear the stress of gestation, carrying, and delivering puppies.

(C) Examination Before Dog Breeding

The third step to answer the question ” how to breed dogs ” is examining your dogs before breeding.

How to breed dogs - Dog breeding steps2

1- Examine your dogs by the vet.

Before beginning dog breeding, you want to take your dog to your vet for checking up and examination. Be sure that your pet dog had vaccinations up to date. Because a dam’s antibodies will be crossed on to her puppies through her milk. These antibodies save her puppies from being sick.

2- Knowing your dog’s medical history.

Why is the knowing your dog’s medical history very important? , because you can change your dog breeding plans if your pet dog has unknown medical issues. Small breed dogs can have genetic problems that you need to realize before breeding.

These issues can involve dental problems such as condition is called malocclusions where the lower and upper jaws do not meet together completely and properly, bone problems such as hip or elbow dysplasia, dislocation in their kneecaps, and spine problems such as disc rupture.

These issues can also involve heart conditions, allergies, behavior problems, or eye problems. You must be sure that your pet dog is on a deworming program before dog breeding plans. Because Hookworms, Roundworms, and Heartworms can be crossed from the dam to her puppies.

3- A breeding soundness exam.

You require taking your animals to your vet for checking to be sure they are capable to breed. This exam may involve a semen analysis for your male dog. For example, these tests can show genetic conditions as well as contagious problems like brucellosis disease.

Brucellosis testing is recommended before dog breeding, to be sure your dog is a carrier or not, and could cross it on to the other.

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